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The Halter ecosystem: data transparency, integrated management models and a state-of-the-art approach

Our vision of the future is a vision of the perfect building. A building that achieves ambitious and measurable objectives for utility, costs and sustainability throughout its entire life cycle. This vision of the future shapes the strategy of Halter Group.

Halter Group is committed to a circular economy in the construction and real estate industry. By this, we mean circular models for collaboration, processes and material flows throughout the entire property life cycle. We believe that only by working together to increase efficiency and productivity can we offer our clients the best solutions, remain competitive, conserve valuable resources and achieve the sustainability goal of net zero. To meet this major challenge head-on, we are systematically developing and growing a network of independent associate companies: the Halter ecosystem.

The companies in the Halter ecosystem offer expertise, services and products throughout the entire property life cycle, thereby enabling sustainable value creation at all phases – from order placement, design and planning, to execution and operation, through to renovation or dismantling. These companies all complement each other, yet they operate independently and pursue a clear, top-quality approach in the interest of their clients. Thus, we not only create the necessary conditions for an integrated, functioning circular economy but also for genuine innovation in the market.

Vision of a circular property

*Investment We simplify electrical installations Partner for the development and construction of housing co-operatives A clever spatial concept with movable modules More performance for property Personalised construction service One-stop shop for the interior construction of working environments Business development Property development Overall services Renovations Think spatial development digitally *Investment Platform for space and project development Digital ordering platform Construction and real estate services across all phases of the property life cycle Halter Ecosystem

Integrated collaboration for greater value creation and sustainability

Achieving sustainable circularity will require us to move away from the traditional linear management model in the construction and real estate industry, a model that often results in inefficiencies, misguided developments and elements incompatible with a circular model. Instead, we need to embrace integrated thought and action as part of a cooperative collaboration culture.

This poses new challenges for all participants. Collaboration calls for full transparency, remuneration and contract models based on aligned interests, faster decision-making through more leadership and interdisciplinarity in flat project hierarchies, and a dedicated approach to addressing errors and disputes.

Halter’s ecosystem meets all these diverse requirements. Using forward-thinking business models, we aim to optimally align construction and real estate services throughout the entire property life cycle. This involves consciously leveraging emerging synergies to create additional value, but also preserving the independence and competitiveness of the different companies.

Data transparency and business intelligence as a basis for innovation

Comprehensive information management is needed on every project so we can make informed decisions, set goals and measure their achievement, as well as learn from experiences and explore new avenues. It must be based on complete, up-to-date data and consistent business intelligence processes that help with analysing and utilising existing data. As part of this, it is essential to regulate and ensure transparency, control and the availability of information in every project phase.

Halter’s  ecosystem makes this possible and enables us to develop sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions while also ensuring innovation and progress in the interest of our planet, our clients and the competitiveness of our companies.

Advantages from synergies

Shared guiding principle

A shared guiding principle with clear goals and core values for all companies in the ecosystem helps us to make daring decisions and achieve long-term goals.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Clear core competencies for each company, dedicated business models and a strong focus on performance and collaboration enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our business activities.

Focus and knowledge sharing

By sharing knowledge, experience, and skills, we generate new ideas, create new products and services, optimise existing processes and further accelerate innovation.

Greater productivity through innovation development

Thanks to joint strategic partnerships in industry and education, we can tackle today’s challenges with tomorrow’s solutions and increase our productivity through meaningful innovation development.

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