The Halter Group sees itself as an ecosystem of independent companies offering different construction and real estate services across all phases of the property life cycle.

*Investment We simplify electrical installations Partner for the development and construction of housing co-operatives A clever spatial concept with movable modules More performance for property Personalised construction service One-stop shop for the interior construction of working environments Business development Property development Overall services Renovations Think spatial development digitally *Investment Platform for space and project development Digital ordering platform Construction and real estate services across all phases of the property life cycle Halter Ecosystem

With collaborative, complementary business models, Halter companies are committed to integrated value creation and the establishment of a circular economy.

A strategy born of conviction

Our vision

More resource efficient – more productive – more sustainable

Halter Group companies are united by the shared vision of achieving the sustainability goal of net zero for all projects by establishing a circular economy.

Our mission

More collaborative – more circular – more standardised – more digital

Our mission is to help shape and drive the construction and real estate industry towards a circular economy with product and process innovations across the entire property life cycle.

We are convinced that the construction and real estate industry’s journey towards a circular economy can only be completed successfully with integrated, efficient value creation processes, collaborative models for planning, execution and operation, the use of adequate circular building systems and consistent information management.

More about the circular economy and net zero

We can only find solutions to the complex challenge of creating and maintaining attractive, climate-friendly and affordable accommodation if we work together. Rather than a threat, this task is an opportunity for the construction and real estate industry, as it requires us to rediscover our innovative and creative ability.

Markus Mettler
Delegate of the Board of Directors
Halter Group AG


Our shared corporate culture enables us to leverage knowledge, expertise and synergies within the Halter ecosystem to continuously drive innovation in business models, products, services, processes and technologies.

Driven by a strong desire to keep improving, we challenge the established and familiar, try new things, remain agile and find creative solutions to existing problems.

Innovation potentials and partnerships


Halter Group’s subsidiary companies employ over 500 people throughout Switzerland at our sites in Schlieren, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Lausanne, Geneva and St. Gallen.

Halter Group has an annual turnover of around CHF 900 million. The family business is owned by Balz Halter (majority shareholder), Markus Mettler and other shareholders.

Values and organisation

KOMPLEX magazine

KOMPLEX magazine provides inspiration, fresh perspectives and background information on a wide range of topics in the world of construction and real estate: from urban and site development, architecture, society and the environment, digital planning and construction, through to engineering, production and operations.

KOMPLEX is published annually by Halter Group in German/French and is available as a hardcopy printed magazine as well as an online version.